Spotlight Academy’s Learning Eco System are a boon for students!

Spotlight Academy is an independent College affiliated to Mangalore University to impart an undergraduate degree in Applied Media Sciences.

It believes that offering a comprehensive undergraduate degree helmed by experts from the industry and learned professors with domain expertise, can prepare students for a career in media which could take a student in several directions as it has many different facets. Practical internships that allow students to apply what they learn in the UG course in the real world are a bonus. A bonus that the Academy provides through its support eco-system.

About Sapling Multiventures Pvt Ltd

Sapling Multi Ventures Private Limited commenced its operations in 2022. The company is registered with ROC Mumbai, Maharashtra. The business of the company involves 4 verticals. Property Development, Integrated Facilities Management, Venture Capital and Investments. In 2023, It became a holding company by creating a subsidiary, Sapling Properties & Facilities Private Limited, registered with ROC, Bangalore, Karnataka. Sapling Properties & Facilities Private Limited operates from Mangalore for its two verticals, Property Development and Integrated Facilities Management.

Sapling Multi Ventures Private Limited partners with young entrepreneurs and provide them with long-term resources to cater to growth in the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem. We partner with Companies who have terrific young entrepreneurs and a fierce passion for making a difference.

Spotlight Academy – the best place for a future in the new converged media space!

Given its promoters values, objectives and support ecosystem as described above, Spotlight Academy is uniquely placed to provide a wholesome learning eco-system that combines theory with practical learning on the ground to students of the Academy,  through its short-term certification-based value-add courses in the media space or its proposed university undergraduate degree BSc in Applied Media Science.