Spotlight Academy

Spotlight Academy is a Centre for Media Studies established by the Sapling Multi Ventures Pvt. Ltd., Mangalore 575004. Spotlight aims bigger than the traditional technics of media and concentrates more on the spotting of students’ spark of light in the modern technics of media and journalism. The Institute’s prime objective is to create journalists and media personnel with professional skills and positive values of the society.

Spotlight Academy gives the students direct experience through live projects, which gives them first-hand skills on the tools and techniques of journalism, specifically on electronic news gathering, news bulletin, interviewing, making radio programs, photography, TV journalism and communication, news anchoring, sound recording, radio production, radio jockeying (RJ), and more. Our curriculum is designed to offer more than 65 % practical exposure to the students. They will have direct exposer in renowned media houses and learn more from master classes, workshops, and webinars.

Spotlight Academy is set to take the students through a journey of self-discovery with major modules of Media. Our students will be trained not to be just technicians of the field but to be journalists with comprehensive skillsets. In the coming years, the academy aims to be one of the premier institutes of Karnataka, much sought after for education in media and journalism.

Spotlight Academy is set to provide short-term certification-based value-add courses in the media space, and a university undergraduate Honours degree BSc (BSc in Media Studies) under the aegis of Mangalore University. The academy will also have a special coaching centre for the students of commerce which is aimed at creating business executives.


Objectives of Spotlight Academy


Why Spotlight Academy for Media Studies?